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Feline Furtography is our most recent venture! 

The story starts with our adoption of Ben, our rescued Bengal, and Christi's increasing love of all things feline! After Ben came Lizzie, and then Maddie, all rescued cats that have been such a joy to us...if not to each other!

A few years ago Christi discovered Carolina PAWS, an animal rescue located near us in South Charlotte. She made the decision to volunteer and initially started out checking on the cats at the kitty condos at PetSmart in Blakeney once a week.  We have fostered a few too, including Maddie, our foster failure.  

We found that Carolina PAWS needed assistance with photos to help potential 'parents' see their new wards in the best possible light. Literally! It's a perfect fit.  Now our studio is often set up for cat photos and Christi's images in the Feline Furtography gallery consists of cats that have been previously rescued and adopted and some past client photos as well!


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Our Studio


Our Rescues
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Here's how you can help!

We have started Feline Furtography to provide you with professional portraits of your fur babies as a lasting memory.

A portion of every sitting fee is donated to Carolina PAWS to help them in their endeavors to continue to rescue cats and dogs and place them in loving homes.  

Our sitting fee is $125 for an hour photo session for up to 2 cats.  This fee includes our professional photography skills, kitten/cat wrangling (if necessary), editing of all photos and an online gallery to allow you to view and order prints of your fur babies.

Call us now to book your session and help save a life!