A new locale...

Until moving to SC a few months ago I'd never heard of Caw Caw Interpretive Center, but I quickly realized I'd been missing out! The park is part of Charleston County Parks, and consists of 6 miles of trails and listed as a birding hot-spot!

What was, hundreds of years ago, a rice plantation is now home to birds galore, alligators, deer, and otters. The trails  around the old rice fields are well kept, and there is a raised boardwalk around the Cypress swamp which makes up a good portion of the park, too. As it's name suggests, there's more to the park than trails, with classrooms, a visitor center, bathrooms, and picnic tables. 

As I said, while we were there, we weren't disappointed. Our first sightings were of  a pair of Painted Buntings, which proved elusive to get a photo of. But, I'm on a mission to get some photos of them at some point having seen a few but never got 'the' photo!  What we did see though as we hit the trail were Swallow Tailed and Mississippi kites. 


Next up, in the distance, I spotted a nesting platform; home to three Osprey! 


Of course, there were many opportunities to photograph egrets and herons, with my favorite photo of the day being the one I opened with: a Great Egret in flight! The light was just perfect with back illumination to give an almost translucent image while at the same time enough illumination from below to not create a silhouette of the bird against a bright background! I was using my new Nikon Z6 set to Spot Meter and continual autofocus, along with my Sigma 150-600mm lens. 

Don't forget, the park is home to alligators, too, and of course I can't leave without sharing his photo!

I'm really looking forward to getting back to this park, hopefully with some avid photographers from my new photo club

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