Chincoteague again??

But honestly, that's only one of the reasons I keep taking groups back there. As a wildlife and landscape photographer, I've found few places that offer the diversity and photographic opportunities that Chincoteague NWR has to offer. 

Sunrise sees the refuge come to life! 

Do you love to photograph birds? You'll find dozens of species, and possibly this time of year the Snow Goose migration will be in full swing. I say possibly, because over the last 5 years, I haven't actually experienced one! Of course, there are many theories on why the huge past migrations haven't been repeated over recent years, and while that's been a little disappointing, it hasn't diminished the overall enjoyment of the trip.

More interested in landscapes? This area will not disappoint, particularly during sunrise and sunset and those lovely blue and golden hours! The bonus of going in the fall is that our shooting time is condensed in to fewer hours! There's less time to wait between sunrise and sunset! It also means we miss the throngs of summer tourists, and yet it's still possible we'll see the famed Chincoteague ponies!

Visiting the refuge on a quiet day will also give us the opportunity to see the once-endangered Delmarva Fox Squirrel which can be found in one specific area. 

But there's plenty more. On my last visit there I was leading a NANPA Regional Event and while I was out on a sunrise shoot, a friendly otter kept me company for about an hour as I walked the marshes! He kept calling to me...I think because he wanted his photo taken, after all he did stop to pose when I pointed my camera in his direction!

The day time and sunset ops are pretty good too!

So here's the news you've been waiting to see: if you're an avid photographer there are few places you'll experience as enthralling as Chincoteague so I'm offering you the opportunity for you and a photographer friend to join me at a discounted rate. Register before the end of September and you'll save $200 on the cost of two attendees! 

Follow the link for details and to take advantage of the savings! See you in November.