My travels last year

Last year was a good one for traveling and leading workshops, and since this year has been a little quiet on the travel front so far (selling one house, buying another, and moving will change priorities a little), I got to reminiscing a little. It also led me to want to thank you, my followers and workshop participants, for allowing me the ability to do what I love to do. So, if you'll indulge me I wanted to share a few of the highlights from last year.

The year started off well! January trips to Maui and the Outer Banks! I've lost count now of how many whale watching trips we've been on, and if we could afford it, I'm pretty sure we'd be living there!

The highlight of traveling to Maui in January is to go whale watching. The Humpbacks are there in force, and as our guide said, it's whale soup out there!
Of course, there's plenty more to see on Maui, including sunset atop Haleakala where we were above the clouds, and a visit to the lavender fields. 

The Outer Banks of NC is a special place, too. To go from the tropics of Hawaii to the winter in NC was a bit of shock though. I remember one morning I had to scrape the ice of the windshield before trekking out to our first workshop location!

Early mornings and late nights are always fun when you can take photos like this. You have to be there when the light's right, and our workshop took us from Bodie Island Lighthouse to the pier at Rodanthe, and all the way to Cape Hatteras, too.

In March, I was in England scouting locations for my England workshop and tour! I'm busy now putting together dates for 2020, so I hope you can join me! Of course, I still call it home, because that's where my family is, and they always take me around and show me the best places to show you! Here's a few of my favourites. (Yes, I spelled that the English way!)

A visit to the Abbotsbury Swannery in Dorset never disappoints, and there's more there than the 600 or swans that call it home. 
The whole area of the Jurassic Coast is full of history and stunning coastlines! The church in Abbotsbury dates from the 12th Century, and Durdle Door is one of Dorset's most visited spots.

Pretty soon I'll be releasing the dates for this trip, so keep watching!

In August was a trip to Huntington Beach State Park in SC. It was my first time there, and honestly, it's one of the more exciting locations I've been to in SC, especially if you're a bird watcher!! Spoonbills, herons, egrets, Osprey, and my first photos of a Skimmer!

While one bird takes the high road, others choose to live more dangerously!

The last workshop I led last year was probably the most exciting! A cruise to Cuba! With a stop in Key West on the way. It was great trip, and wonderful to be able to have seminars on board the ship, while spouses could enjoy the cruise. We did have a little bit of a bumpy ride back though, courtesy of a hurricane called Michael! 

Stopping in Key West, we had the opportunity to visit the Butterfly Conservatory there as one of our excursions....
And in Havana, we chose a walking history tour so we could see the sights it's famous for: the cars, coffee, rum, and cigars!
I was surprised at how much freedom we were given after our guided outing, to tour the city unattended, and it gave us amazing insights in to the every day life in Havana, which hasn't changed in 50 years!

Well, it was an exciting year, and now I'm in the midst of planning more international and local workshops. First up in November is a return to Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge, next year a workshop in Charleston, SC, and another trip to England, as I mentioned. If you're looking for something a little closer to home, I'm now available to book for A Day with a Pro Photographer in and around the Charleston area, so if you're ever planning on visiting the low country and need a guide/teacher to show you the best places to photograph landscapes and wildlife I hope you'll consider booking me to help you. And don't forget to tell your friends, too!