Whales of Maui

I've been getting a lot of reminders on my FaceBook feed that this is the time of year that we're usually taking trips to Maui, HI. 

Maui is a beautiful location to visit any time of year, but we especially like to go between Nov and March as that is prime whale-watching season. As  they like to say in Maui...it's whale soup out there this time of year!!

Why so many? Well, the Pacific Humpback whales, having spent the rest of the year in their northern feeding grounds around Alaska, make the 3000 mile trip to the warm, shallow waters around Maui to breed and 11 months later,  come back to give birth.

As an observer of wildlife, there are few spectacles that match these 40 ton mammals breech! That's when they propel themselves out of the water and often times put on a quite acrobatic display! It's stunning, and always draws gasps of excitement and cheers  from the boatloads of people that witness this amazing activity, captured here in just one of my photos that you can purchase in my Whales of Maui gallery.

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