Colin Hocking Photography | ColinandChipWorkshop

Explore Your Creativity Workshop
Sept 23 & 24, 2017

Join Colin & Chip for this two day workshop that will take you on a photoshoot, show you post processing in Lightroom, and then develop your creative skills with Photoshop Elements! 



Day 1: Macro photography and Lightroom
Day 1 of the workshop will be with Colin Hocking LRPS with time split between shooting in the morning at Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens, and the afternoon spent in the ‘lab’ using Lightroom to maximize your image’s potential!

Colin will be by your side to help you look for the shot, take the photo, and use the right settings and composition to get the image you’re looking for. In the afternoon he’ll show you some simple post processing techniques to help you make your photo look the best it can before Chip shows you the next steps to releasing your creativity.


Flower Pots Edit 3 Window CropFlower Pots Edit 3 Window Crop


Day 2: Creative Photography: Taking Edited Photographs to Another Level
Day 2 of the workshop will be with Chip Martin who will show you step-by-step how to use tools in Adobe Photoshop Elements to re-express your edited images in new and creative ways: Vignettes, window layers, flipping, cloning, special color adjustments, filters, and photo design will be explored.  Even those of you who are already skilled in Photoshop will learn innovative ways to use familiar tools.   

A great photograph should stand on its own when all has been done technically and visually to make it great: Good subject, good composition, and good exposure. For many photographers, this is as far as an image needs to go.  But all photos have the potential to be rediscovered when creative imaging in Photoshop Elements is applied.

Entry to DSBG is not included in the workshop price. Please feel free to bring lunch, snacks and beverages to each day of the workshop. 

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