Colin Hocking Photography | Gear

This is gear I use...and test, so you know it works!


I bought this Nikon D750 in December of 2014...and I'm loving it! Full frame FX sensor, 24 MPx, built in wifi and 1080p video.
The Nikon version of this costs 5 times as much and I haven't been disappointed. This has a 2.5GHz wireless remote. The Nikon has no remote! Don't let the price fool you, this is a well made and durable piece of gear!
The last time I used a 'cheap' tripod I watched my camera fall off a rock on to more rocks 20 feet below! It's worth investing in a high quality tripod....fortunately my camera and lens didn't suffer...too much. Yours may not be so this one! It's great for travel, made of carbon fiber and lightweight.
This is my go to lens for wild life and nature, but also for my environmental portraiture. It's fast to focus and sharp, too. This one is for a Nikon FX body.
Look at the range on this could be the only one you ever need! And it shoots macro too for all your pretty flower close-ups! I've used Sigmas for over thirty years and they're an affordable alternative to the 'name' brand. This one is for a Nikon DX body.
A variable Neutral Density filter for capturing those long exposures on bright sunny days....perfect for waterfalls in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
My LowePro backpack has had some travels...Belize, Maui, London, Los Angeles and some local parks....plenty of room, fits in an overhead bin on a plane and holds a laptop. It still looks brand new!
Looking for a flash modifier? It measures 6"x9" and fits on just about any strobe...once you use it, you'll probably never take a flash photo without it again! 
For the price I don't think you can beat this Sigma lens in this focal range. It's fast to focus and it's the reason I can capture birds in flight and make them look up close and personal! You'll need a gimbal head for your tripod for the best results, but I often use it hand held, too. This one is for a Nikon FX body.
Wow...I'd read a lot about how sharp these Art lenses are from Sigma. Then I bought one, and it's true. The only time this one comes off my D750 is to put the 150-600mm on! It's truly amazing! This one is for a Nikon FX body.
This Spider Pro Holster is so handy...because it keeps my hands free and stops the camera from bouncing around or dangling form a neck strap. Ever tried traversing rugged terrain, or climbing over rocks with a camera on a neckstrap? It bashes in to rocks as you lean forward, but not with this holster. Held securely even with a battery pack and 300mm lens! 
This pistol grip head is a permanent feature on my tripod. It only gets replaced by my gimbal head when I need speed to capture wildlife in motion. Otherwise, this is it, giving me one hand control of my camera so it's much faster to use than a pan & tilt head, and to me, sturdier than a ball head unless you spend a LOT more money. 
Speaking of gimbal heads, this is the one I use because at the time I bought it I didn't want to spend four times the money on it's much more expensive competitor. I swear, you can't tell them apart except for the price. It's solid, sturdy and does the job it needs to. Which is to hold a very heavy 150-600mm Sigma.