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Just to clarify: 
This is a special group rate that allows us to get closer  to the birds than your general admission will allow!  They will be out of their enclosures and posing just for us....for two hours. And this is far less expensive than attending the PhotoWild  event that is held for photographers. General admission is included, so you can stay in the center after our session has ended.

Ever since our last trip here, people have been asking about a return visit, so here it is!




Registration Has Closed




There is a maximum of 35 people per the center's request, so book early as the registration will close a few days before the event so I can give them an accurate number of attendees. See you are the details per the raptor center:


· We will meet in the parking lot at 9.00 a.m. and be ready to shoot starting promptly at 9.30a.m.

· We will photograph raptors until 11.30am in natural settings outside their enclosures.

· Please dress for the weather. We will be shooting the entire time outside. If for some reason the weather turns bad and it rains or snows, we reschedule. If it is just cold, we will go on with this shoot.

· There will be an average of  4-6 raptors out each hour with 2 sets of birds, so a total of 10-12.

· The birds will be spaced out on a variety of props, and spread out in a couple of different areas at times.

· Every 30 minutes, they will switch out props.

· Flash is allowed and so are tripods.

· You are able to get pretty close to the birds but specific distance will be given by the handler as it varies for each bird (depending on their comfort level).

· Note that General Admission to the Center is included (regular $10.00) so feel free to stay around and enjoy a self-guided tour on their ¾ mile long nature trail and see over 23 different species of raptors.